Thursday, June 16, 2011

String Star Top Done

Well, I will add another flimsy (unfinished quilt top) to the pile. The pile is starting to get a bit large. I REALLY need to start quilting again. I don't know what the holdup is, but I have not been in the mood. This one was in parts on the bed and design wall in the spare bedroom for a while (months) and I decided I better get it out of there before I was forced to, and then having to shove it somewhere and dragging it out after more months, just didn't sound like any fun. It started with this. It is so big I could barely take a picture. And around here, now anyway, letting it hit the ground is not an option. I need to vacuum. It is 94"x103" and will have black binding when finished. The center is square, but I added extra to the top and bottom borders. I thought about using more strings and doing a piano key border, but just wanted it done. Unfortunately, that is the way a lot of my projects go. They are never all that they could be, but done is better then perfect, as they say. Of course, this one is not quite done either...but I need more quilts for my bed"s". I used muslin for the foundation, I had some yucky stuff to use up, but it makes it really heavy too.
Onto the next bunch of strings and the next ufo, or something...just need to keep sewing...


  1. OK, that is the prettiest string quilt I have seen!

  2. Your string quilt is absolutely gorgeous!