Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time Flies...

Hard to believe it has been 2 months since I wrote anything. At first there wasn't too much going on, now it has been pretty busy. Let's see...we went to the state of Virginia for a music festival (Floydfest) and to visit some friends in Salem at the end of July. Bill's sister Cathy came to visit the parents and take care of the mutts while we were gone. Thanks again Cath. You will be back soon...
This is the boys planning out their schedule of the music they want to see at the festival. They were so funny, like 2 kids, getting all excited...! I didnt care, I wasn't planning on going, in the upper 90's and humid-I'll pass. I went with Sue one evening (Thurs.?) and it wasn't bad when the sun went down, and I wanted to see Baka Beyond Sat. morning, so I went then, but by 1 on Sat. it was HORRIBLE for me. Sue got me out of there. Baka Beyond was AWESOME. That was a good show, I love them.
This was MY idea of a vacation...and of course, sitting in the air conditioning....Thank you Jim and Sue....!
We also drove down to Williamsburg to visit some other friends. We have been trying to get there forever. It was a short visit, but a fun one, as we visited the college (William and Mary) where Jeff works, and went into the old part of town and had dinner. That was really cool, but NOT, as it was again, too hot for me, and I needed to get into some AIR-FAST. I think I have a problem cooling down. Must be something wrong with my internal temp. gauge...this would be a fun day, in MARCH, not the end of July....
Although, this was kind of many of us want to do THIS?? I want to do it, just because that is the only way I could SLOW DOWN my husband...and "no dear, you CAN'T have your cell phone...."

Last weekend, we had company, my nephew, his wife and 5 of 7 of their kids came up. It was really fun. The kids are awesome, and SO well behaved, they can come anytime! And of course it was fun to see the parents too! Not long enough tho.
We did get in some canoeing, fishing, swimming, a campfire, and even some quilt planning. And somewhere in there, they managed to go to town and kids took some well needed naps!
Learning techniques...THAT was fun to watch...!
The boys had a blast, or it seemed like it!
And thanks to Isaac, Mason and Emile, we got our beach raked! Thank you all! It really needed it!
Warming up after an afternoon in the water! The water was a bit colder, but I remember you couldn't stop me from going in at that age either! And this year, I haven't been in ONCE. Sad, I know. And SOMEONE had to take pictures this day, so I picked ME. I did have more to share, but they wanted to turn sideways, and I don't know how to fix that yet. All a learning process...

One more event, then I will move on to something else tomorrow, or the way it is going-next month!
Ben and Bridget were up for a few days. We didn't get to see them until Sunday, really, and then they came up to Ash River and we rented a pontoon for the day (Monday). That was a really good idea. The lakes (Kabatogama and Namikan) are beautiful.

You could get lost, so you better know how to read a map. Luckily, Bill and Ben do, because I could get lost in my own yard. And I don't even HAVE Alzheimer's yet!
The dogs also love the pontoon, but they would have preferred a Bimini. Me too, but oh wasn't too bad...the sun was intense, but it was cool.
We drove up to Kettle Falls Hotel, it is now a part of the National Park system. I think the last time I was here was '78, but it might have been earlier. Pauline? It is around an hour+ from here with a 90 HP motor. Of course we dilly dallied, and explored. We had lunch outside with the dogs. It was super. NO bugs, and about 70 degrees with a breeze. Now THAT's a vacation!

My dad worked on the dam there. Last time I think we were able to cross, but he probably had a key...I wish we had more old pictures of that. He has pictures of every other dam he worked on, I swear. Oh well.
It has been a good summer, and hopefully it isn't over yet. I don't count it done till November, but then, my summers don't start till August, in my mind, when there are no bugs and it cools off. I recommend that boat trip for anyone who wants to take it. This is a beautiful area, and part of the Voyager's National Park, so almost no houses, or people, but plenty of boat traffic. Until another day...