Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tumbler Quilt

I managed to get together the tumbler blocks that I cut with the Accuquilt. My girlfriend and I were at our own retreat and we both cut out a quilt. I have many extra blocks, but need a few more, so there will be another, but it was her tumbler die, so it will have to be when we get together again, hopefully soon. Can't EVER have too many quilting retreats! I bought an Accuquilt after that retreat. They are fun. On to the next UFO. Time to trim down the pile...Now just to get them quilted, although, a lady from our guild just advertised a long arm business, so maybe I will send her some business...!
It always feels good to use up sets of fabric that I buy. Otherwise I feel a bit guilty, but I like the way this turned out. The color is a bit off, as the dark "green" looking color, is actually a brown, with some teal in it. This was a fast quilt. Total hours, I bet was 2 days or less. It took longer to put on the borders on then to sew the tumbler blocks together! Another I can't wait to get finished.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ash River

We are almost all set up in Ash River. We have a house, and it is nice. It has a big yard, 2 bedrooms, (one which is now a sewing room) but a small kitchen. We have not spent a lot of time there yet, to really enjoy the area. Mostly it has been unpacking and CLEANING. The view is nice, but the boat traffic is CRAZY, and I swear, no one has a motor that is less than 75 hp., even the pontoons. I didn't know pontoons could go so fast!
I also painted the sewing room. Not exactly the color I was thinking, but those paint chips can mess with you. It turned out more peach than tan, but oh well. I am not doing it again, until maybe next year. I will still do the bedroom, but at a later date. Dirty sheet rock primer white, wasn't working for me. It is much "warmer" now, and very "cozy". The windows face East and south, so always good light.
(sewing room before, now tan/peach, changes with lighting.)
Since this picture was taken, I have a 36x60 cutting table, another sewing machine, and soon (if it ever gets here...) a 30x48 banquet table for ironing, so it is full, but organized. And it has a nice closet to put all my stuff in, out of the way. I left most of it all at home. Just took some kitted up projects.

The LR is a lot more full, as we have the futon, end tables, book case and another chair in there now. I like the one chair look. I am hating clutter these days.
The dogs are settling in well, and we really like the neighbors. The ones on one side have 5 Britney spaniels that have not quite gotten used to us yet. They still bark when they see us, but soon they won't care. No one has lived there for a while, so they are not used to the activity. On the other side we have some very nice summer folks, and I have already done "tea" and went for a walk, not to mention yacking in the yard...but so far, I am not there much.
We still have to put up a fence, so I can just let the dogs out without having to worry about them taking off. So far, they have been very good, and just enjoy laying in the grass and 'watching', that is their thing, but there is not too much happening at the end of the road. 
I hope we get some company, but there is not much to do there. Head to I. Falls for shopping,  but that is about it, unless you like to fish, or boat, then that is the place to be. We still think Everett Lake is better, and a LOT less boat traffic. Like-none. As it has been said, "there's no place like home..."

String Star Top Done

Well, I will add another flimsy (unfinished quilt top) to the pile. The pile is starting to get a bit large. I REALLY need to start quilting again. I don't know what the holdup is, but I have not been in the mood. This one was in parts on the bed and design wall in the spare bedroom for a while (months) and I decided I better get it out of there before I was forced to, and then having to shove it somewhere and dragging it out after more months, just didn't sound like any fun. It started with this. It is so big I could barely take a picture. And around here, now anyway, letting it hit the ground is not an option. I need to vacuum. It is 94"x103" and will have black binding when finished. The center is square, but I added extra to the top and bottom borders. I thought about using more strings and doing a piano key border, but just wanted it done. Unfortunately, that is the way a lot of my projects go. They are never all that they could be, but done is better then perfect, as they say. Of course, this one is not quite done either...but I need more quilts for my bed"s". I used muslin for the foundation, I had some yucky stuff to use up, but it makes it really heavy too.
Onto the next bunch of strings and the next ufo, or something...just need to keep sewing...