Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet "Miss Ashton River"...

"River" for short. The Story of River...
Bill picked out the name River, he wanted it to have something to do with Ash River, where he is working and we are living half time. He also has an Aunt Jean in Virgina (state) who we adore, with all the southern flare, who they call "Miss Ashton". We needed another name to put on the papers, so the two things just "went" together...I am sure the nick name "Miss Ashton" will be a winner too.
She is now 6 weeks (?-not sure her birth date...I SHOULD know this stuff!) old, and I get to pick her up in a week, or as "BILL" pointed out last night-8 DAYS! I just about can't stand it. I am not there, and will be heading to visit friends (250 miles away!) this week, and no offense guys, but if I didn't know that I will be out of commission for 6 months plus, I would cancel on you! It is hard not being there to see her grow up, and watch her with her brothers and sisters, but I can't pick her up yet, so I have to wait anyway. Not easy for a person who likes instant gratification!
It all started with this:
 (Grant with Miko)
I knew I was going to get another dog, just a matter of time, but I was having a hard time waiting. Bill was really pushing us to wait...
Isaac and the family where here for Labor day, and they had just lost their yorkie a few weeks before. They really love Willow (our lab) and where talking about it. Then I get this picture a few weeks later, and that was IT. That broke me, and even Bill didn't fight it any more, he knew I was done for! Then, our friend's dog Maia at Ash Trail Lodge had puppies, and we went from there. We were fortunate we got the one we wanted from the very beginning.
I was actually hesitant about starting all over again with a baby. Willow is 13, and won't be with us long (Buster is 12...) but I am now getting excited about training (not potty training!) and learning all her "quirks", watching her learn and looking forward to watching her personality grow. Hope she doesn't have any "bad" habits, like, I have never been able to break Willow of the food thing, the counters, garbage, etc. now she just cant get ON the counters anymore! Now she will just ask River to get it for her!

  This is going to be a LOOONNNGG 8 days! I want to snuggle with my baby!!!!!
And smell puppy breath, and get bit my baby teeth, and scratched by little claws! (O.K., that might only last a couple of days, then I will be sick of it!)
Will post again when we bring her home! Now, time to go pack...and stop THINKING about it for a few minutes seconds...!