Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the Last Week...

It has been a crazy week. I got back from my sister's (she loved her bag) on Friday night and turned around to go to Ash River on Sat. (30 miles so. of Int. Falls) For those of you who don't know, my husband is working on a new science project up there. Dont ask me to explain it. It is called the NOvA project, and it has something to do with neutrinos. After 16 years with him, I still dont get it. No, he is not a scientist, more of an engineer type, who is in charge of making things happen. They will put an experiment in here, and I will update pictures now and then. It will change a lot. This is to be a closed building, So Pictures will get harder to take. They were just starting to put some of the ceiling in.

Here is what is happening... LOTS of concrete. I love concrete. I wish this was my house. I could have one SERIOUS sewing room! Although, heating it would be deadly to the pocketbook! I want to go here in a tornado, or for a bomb shelter....each one of those little cubby holes in the wall holds a tension bolt, (some have been cover with mortar already) which is screwed down to a 40 foot pipe drilled into the rock and cememted (?) in. That building is going NOWHERE. And it is around 60 feet in the ground. I love watching projects, heavy machinery, and the people who operate them. Sometimes you swear they are so good, they could pick up a pin with those cranes or backhoes.
Me, on floor level. 
Anyway, then on the way home we stopped to check out a small lake on the Echo Trail. Short hike, but this happened:
Ouch. Porcupine. Poor baby. Not too many, thankfully, but we were an hour and a half away from town, but it was an emergency visit to the vet. $185 later, she was fine. Luckily the other dogs didnt even see it, so we got off easy, if you ask me.
Anyway, we are STARTING to think about our move up there, what we have to buy, what we will take and leave here. Whether to rent this out, or just have a house sitter. We should have just about everything we need. No wonder we have so much junk, we have enough for 2 houses!

I am STILL thinking about posting pics of QUILTS. Soon? hopefully...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Something done

Today (and yesterday) I was working on a Professional Tote for my sister. She bought the fabric, and I sewed it up. I really love this pattern, even tho it is highly labor intensive. No matter who does it, it always looks store bought. I used upolstery fabric, so it is heavy to begin with. I have an industrial machine, and would NEVER do it on my home machine. Well, with upolstery fabric, anyway. I have done 4 of them now, all on my industrial, and I dont know how people can do them on their regular machines. I would like to make one without any interfacing (and upolstery fabric) except for a few parts and see how it works. But for now, I will take a break and make some "other" bags. I have 2-3ring binders and a computer full to choose from!

My hope was to post a few pics of what else I have been working on, but I am not sure if I will have the time, as I leave for Mpls. on Sat. and have to pack. I will try to get them out in a week or so. But maybe....since i need to "see" what I have to get done!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ely MN. Quilt Show-2010

Last weekend was our quild's quilt show. It was wonderful. The ladies did a great job, and the quilts are excellent! It was "viewers best", and I didnt even vote, I just couldnt pick one out. I dont know yet who won, but I will let you all know. I posted the pics on my webshots page here:

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
I will have to take some pics of my own in the next few days to let you all know what is happening on the quilting front here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still learning...

This is good for me, I need to learn how to do all this computer stuff. I will attempt to add some pictures later, quilt related things, but is there a way to attach a file for everyone to be able to download? There has to be, I just need to figure it out. I see I can add a photo....and of course there is the whole "design thing", but that is yet to come.

Oh, and still no water, wont even be able to work on it till Sat. now, but at least we will head to the camper either tomorrow or Friday.

It will be a crazy couple of days, so I should be able to add some pics by weekend. if anyone cares....this is as bad as facebook.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My First "Real" post....

Last night, the water pump kicked on and wouldnt shut off. O.k., so look for the leak. No leak. Bummer, that would have been EASY to fix! We waited till morning to be able to get parts, and this morning (6:30) Bill had to go to town, get parts and go for an early swim! It was one day that was NOT hot and sunny! Great! Dont get me wrong, it COULD be happening in Oct. or Jan. and it would be worse, by far. He put a new part at the end of the hose, didnt work, ran to town, got another piece, now he cant get it primed. He believes there is a leak in the intake hose. The 75' BURIED hose. DAMN. He had to fly off to Chicago today (now) and will get back on Thursday, and so, I will be hauling water from the lake, bathing in the lake, and opps-no laundry tho-, or, maybe I will just go stay in a motel, or take the "other" camper to a campground for a few days, we will see. Right now, I am going back to BED, as 6:30am is just WRONG. I am getting sick of "adventures" for one summer....

Guess I am a Blogger...

Thought about this, but wasnt ready. I started to reply to someone, got sucked into the "do this" pages, and sure enough, here I am. Damn. One more thing to do....Oh well, guess I should have fun with it!