Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wow. Over a year...bad blogger, bad!

So, it has been a crazy year, and a crazy one yet to come. I won't rehash the year, god no, but let's just say it was busy. My in laws used to say "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and they have, god rest them, but I have never said that, and don't abide by it. I like "slow and steady wins the race". But, apparently I married into it, and it is my fate. Oh well, go with what life gives you.

I guess I can start posting pictures of quilts again, since I am still doing that! I have been posting on Facebook, and skipping this part of it, which I know I am leaving out those who don't do Facebook. I was one of those, but have caved, since everyone else is and if you want to know what is going on, I guess you have to just break down. So, on with some updates....

River is doing very well. She will be 2 on Sept. 22nd and even tho still has a ton of energy, is settling down and listening better.
This is where I would post a picture, if I can remember how! Guess I should study before I go much further. (Trying this from my iPad, if anyone has any suggestions...)

I have not done any quilting all summer until this last 2 weeks, and then it was stuff that HAD to get done. I quilted 3 quilts. I cleaned (somewhat) my sewing room to try to fit in 2 new bookcases that we got from our good friend Earl who was moving. Not and easy task. That sewing room is PACKED to the hilt. Now I am in the process of getting all those odd ball projects done that have been sitting around for one reason or another. Usually a mistake was made and I put it away. I finished one tiny duffel bag, and it is really cute, glad I finished it. One is an iPad case that was started 2 years ago, and I will finish, but not what I need anymore, so it will be given away, if anyone wants it! Of course there are about 30 quilts started in some form or another, and some kits that haven't even been opened yet. Appliqué, that is why...

We are still going back and forth to Ash River, which is getting to be a pain, but the project is done being built, now it can just run and take data for a bunch of years. Hopefully until Bill can retire!

Ok, enough boring stuff. Now I need to figure out how to post pictures! Hopefully it won't take so long next time!
See you all later!