Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer happenings... and Design Wall Monday

Why do summers have to be so busy?
In June, Bill's sister Cathy was here for a month. She stayed till after July 4th, and then headed home to be back with her husband. She was here to help with her parents, and got a lot done. We didn't get to spend as much time with her as we would have liked, because well, it is summer. We had plans, and things we needed to do. It has been a bit crazy. But when we did have to do things, she graciously took care of the dogs while we were gone. Thanks again Cath....!

We went to Scamp Camp in Bemidji. That was a fun. Good people, good food, and well, you're CAMPING, and not WORKING, so what is better than THAT?
We are at the fairgrounds, so yes, no trees, but we did have hookups, so we had air, and of COURSE, we needed it! As everyone everywhere did this summer!

We went down to Earl's for his birthday at the end of June. Again, it was fun to see those people we only get to see once a year-at Earl's birthday party...and go figure, I didn't take any pictures of the party! Earl took us to the Art Institute in Mpls., and that was awesome.

At the end of July, Mark and Li came, we went for a boat ride on Kabatogama, and Bill got to try out his new "old" boat. It will be nice to have access to the water now, and hopefully we will have time to use it! They went back to Ely, and I stayed an extra day and had to go to a funeral. Karen came to Ash River to join me, and it was great seeing her, but it certainly wasn't enough time, as we drove to the funeral together and she drove home. She did get to spend one night, and we talked till 3 in the morning. It would have been longer, if we didn't have to get up in the morning!

Yesterday, Bill finished his dock. He has to pull a few more cat tails, but now, we have access. Now, let us remind you that we are RENTING, but whatever. He had fun, (it was mostly scraps) and that is what is more important, as he has been a bit stressed with work lately, so whatever floats his boat-ha! Never mind....Jay, one of the guys from work, (and Maverick's dad) helped. That was great. Thanks Jay...! And I cut the grass, and trimmed trees, so I wasn't just napping....although I TRIED, and got this...
and this....

(hate it when it turns sideways. Don't know how to fix it...) 
Maverick would not stop the obsessive ball thing. But, labs are like that, and many others.
O.K., now for Design Wall Monday and projects....
I got the top done for Jay...this is a free pattern from Hoffmann fabrics, Royal Peacocks. Of course I had to change it and make it smaller.
I finished Mason's quilt, another friend that works will Bill. My design, wanted to use those Real Tree panels....Mason is only 1, so he won't appreciate it for a while....
Almost done with this donation to the fishing contest for Ash River. It is a benefit where the money goes to things like buying defibrillators for the resorts. Good cause, since we are 45 minutes from the nearest hospital...of course, I cut and brought the pieces to Ash river, and I am one piece short, so hence the lack of a border...otherwise, it would have been done. Well, I have to take it back to quilt it anyway....visit Judy's website for more Design Wall Monday projects.

So, that is the latest update for the summer. Things will not slow down for a long time, as we are booked every weekend in Sept. We had to put on the schedule that when we could go shop for a new dishwasher! Not until August 18th! We will drive to Duluth, and make a day of it. I hope it will be cooler, then we could bring the dogs, but highly unlikely this year...
Hope all is well with everyone, until later...!