Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Update

Summer is blowing by so fast, and all it seems like I have been doing is CLEANING. Campers, houses, cars, whatever...ugh. And we ALL love THAT, don't we? One house, one camper, and one car, would make it a lot easier too! Working on that part...We will not even put the dock out this year, probably never even get out the boat. How sad is that? How does it GET like this?? Before you know it, you have filled life up with SO much "stuff" and God help you if something throws a wrench in, like someone gets sick. So far, we have been healthy, but that could change at any time. Oh well, deal with whatever comes down the pipe...O.k., enough whining, I know, things could be worse...and as I say, our turn will come...

SO, on the quilting front, I have made 2 more tops, one more is almost done. The first one, has been in the process (AKA-UFO pile) for a long time, and needed to be made bigger, so I finally got to that, with a little prodding from the hub, since he loves his batiks! It is a queen, Half Square Triangles, Med. and Dark.
I always like to do something, either in the quilting or the quilt so that I know, when putting it on the bed, which way it goes. These borders tell me right away, which way is up. I hate spinning a quilt multiple times to get it on the bed right. Especially when ones like this are not obvious.

Then, I made a Carpenter's Star to go along with Judy L.'s feather lesson. I have to make the backing yet too, and who knows if/when that will happen...October? It is about 60x80, and will have dark blue binding.

Then I have one that is SO CLOSE to being done, that it ticks me off that I cannot "quite" finish it yet. I hate it when that happens...!
This one has 4 borders (black, blue, black, brown) and those blue, black, cream, black blocks for corner stones, since I had some left over. I have 3 of the borders put on, but need to piece more borders for the 4th. SO close...
The pattern can be found here, at Hoffman. Of course, I had to modify it and make it smaller, but that makes a good sized lap quilt, and a great way to use novelty fabrics. I liked ti so much, I kitted another one with some of my leaf fabric. I have been cutting and kitting a bunch of stuff as I get ideas for my fabric. I am determined to use it before I die, and use some of these millions of patterns I have collected and wanted to do! The bad part is, it makes A LOT more UFOs! Need more retreats!

I have invited the hand quilting ladies from our guild to come over next week, the day before I leave for Scamp Camp, and of course, I REALLY need to CLEAN THE HOUSE. AND the sewing room! Yuck.

We also went to Mpls. because Bill got a "President's Award for Outstanding Service" from the U of M. Great Job, dear. Nice to know he is appreciated, since he works his BUTT off. And for those who know him, know how true this is...he is insane.

 He was allowed to invite 10 people. Katie came in from Seattle and that was awesome to see her. Left to Right-Lee, Bill, Katie, Linda (Lee's wife), Earl, Doug, and Dave. Friends and family, but all family in our eyes...thanks for being there guys!

As I was looking at pictures, I can't believe how much water is under the bridge already! Bill also got a 20 year dream...a John Deere Lawn mower...of course, he would have gotten a real TRACTOR if the budget would have allowed, but alas, it didn't...and the "male" side of MY brain wanted the TRAILER, which, if it would have been in the budget would have been a covered, BIG trailer....but....
so, we got this one, which still will haul 3000#, so should be good for most things we need to do! But again, another thing on the "list", painting and sealing the trailer...
Well, I will stop there. There are a few more things going on, but I will have to wait till later. Hopefully everyone is having a SLOW summer, but why do I think that is not happening....?