Sunday, May 15, 2011

How bad was I?

Well, we stopped at a bunch of quilt stores on our vacation. I even got into a shop hop. It was my first one, and probably won't be the last. It WAS a lot of fun...and the damage...? (Still wants to turn the picture!)

It comes out to about 37 yards. Not great, but not as bad as usual. It looks bad, but most of those are single yards or fat quarters. Some good sales, and the batiks in the middle/top and the brights on the left were grab bags. Good ones too. And one can never have too many lights, which originally was my goal...
Now to washing ironing and putting it away.
And on another note, I had this "great idea" when I made dinner the other night for myself and my quilting buddy. Nothing too elaborate, just nachos with refried black beans. Since they are always hard to 'spread around', I thought if I put them in a plastic bag and tried to use it like a pastry bag, it might be better...well, no, not really. Don't try this at home, or, you CAN, but be ready for the fallout!

If I didnt know what it WAS, I would NOT have eaten it myself!! And it was really yummy!


  1. I see what you mean about the beans!! LOL

    Getting new fabric & sewing stuff is always fun.

  2. It is all washed and put away, so time to sew! It has been WAY too long!