Sunday, January 20, 2013

The good news, is River is growing up and she is still alive! There were a few days (ok, MANY) where she almost didn't make it. I am a dog lover to the max, and I just about choked her a few times! She could be a bad puppy, testing, testing testing. Typical, but DANG. She goes through her "spurts" where she just does everything bad she knows how to do! Chase or wrestle with the cat, go eat cat food or worse...(and we have it blocked, but the cats have to get through...), chewing on things, shoes mostly and her crazy digging on the couch or dog bed. There is more, but you get the idea. And she would do this at 6 in the morning, before breakfast, and/or after...Now, anyone who knows me knows I don't do 6 in the morning, and having a bad puppy at that hour is just not a good recipe for success. BUT, the good news is she IS growing up! AMEN. (And yes, there was a lot of praying going on! O.k., and cussing...) She is now 4 1/2 months old, and is starting to "get it". She (usually) stops doing bad things when we tell her to, (on her good days) and has learned to fetch, and sit. We are working on leash training, she mostly does O.K., but like to do this weird thing about trying to walk between my legs...(??).
 (here is where I would insert a picture, IF the stupid Blogger would LET ME. I hate blogs posts with no pictures!)
I took her with me to go to the car dealership on Friday. We had to get the van undercoated and whatever else they do. They gave us a loaner, and we did some shopping, but it was supposed to take 3-4 hours for it to be done, so we "camped out" in the waiting room, and I had a blanket, toys and entertainment for her, not to mention she did get a "bit" of attention from everyone who came through the door! She was VERY good, and after she let everyone pet her, she settled down and just watched people. I was nervous, especially in the loaner, as she really hasn't been in the car alone without the other dogs, so I was hoping she wasn't going to wig out and chew anything. She did fine. She will make me nervous for a while.

Other news: obviously, we got a new van. I got sick of Bill bitching about how he didn't like the new car, so I made him buy something else. I didn't care WHAT it was, but he was buying something ELSE. We drove the Rav4, the Chevy Equinox, the Toyota Venza, and the Sienna van. They all had the same gas mileage, towing capacity, the same engine, etc. and it was between the van and the Venza, but duh, twice as much cargo space, and with the dogs, that is a good thing. Not to mention we like to bring our house with us when we travel! And even if I did have pictures, I couldn't post them anyway, since IT WONT LET ME. So, go to the website and pick one with leather and navigation, and that is tan, and you get the picture. We LOVE IT. but then, we loved our other van too. It is by far the nicest vehicle I have driven or rode in-bar none. Some may beg to differ, but whatever. We love it, and more importantly, the dogs love it! They have way more room then even the truck, and it will pull the Scamp, so if we decide to get rid of the Airstream, we will not HAVE to buy a new truck...

Other news...Cathy and Mark were just here for the court date of the Guardianship of the parents. All went well, and Mark and Bill will now have guardianship. The judge was impressed, and said they were an "abnormal" family, (big surprise there!) and that very few can keep their parents in their homes as long as they have. Good thing the parents saved well, or they wouldn't be there either.

We went to look at a house in AR today too. It is new, small, but nice-2 bedroom, one bath, and an attached heated garage that could be a SEWING ROOM. Of course, then we would have to attach another garage, but hey-works for me! and it is all on one floor, so when we are in wheelchairs, we can stay in our home! Well, we hope anyway...BUT, of course Bill has to make the mental decision to sell Everett. The house is up on the hill, with great views, and we wouldnt have to pay lakeshore taxes, but be very close to the lake! We will see how it plays out. There is not very many places here to buy that are not "cabins". I am in, it is 2.5 acres, in the woods with no neighbors so far, and won't be too many, even if they sell all the surrounding lots, which could take years.

I guess I will post again later and see if I can post pictures. What is happening, is when I pull up the "insert picture" icon, it appears the "browse" button has disappeared, where you can search your computer for pics. If anyone knows whats going on, give me a clue, please.