Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Took a hike...

Every year when spring arrives, I like to hike behind the house in the creek which flows behind and passed the house to the lake. I love to play in the water, and break up the stick dams with dead leaves that get carried on to settle who knows where. It is good exercise, good to be out and good for the dogs to get out and get rid of some of their spring fever energy too. The water drains from the lake north of us, and the swamp in between. It is great for the oxygen in the lake, which is great for the fish, and is usually the best fishing on the lake when the creek is flowing. Sometimes it flows with heavy rain, as it did last week, but of course now is spring run off too. For those of us who love waterfalls, it is a good time of year. 
Most of the year, it is pretty dry, and green with massive amounts of ferns and some flowers. And of course BUGS, so I don't venture back there in the summer much. This is usually when the loons come back, when there is a bit of open water, so we should be hearing them any day now. Some people don't like spring because of the mud, but this is a wonderful time of year, when all the birds come back, (the noise increases!) the lakes open, and things come back to life. Of course, that means the start of summer, which then is CRAZY, and by the end I am ready for winter again! But for this day, I am really glad it is spring!

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