Monday, April 18, 2011

Did I say something about SPRING?

Never was, but now it isn't. Rumor has it, it will be back but it doesn't feel like it. April 18th, usually by now, the ice is off the lake and it has been nice. Last week, we got 6 inches of snow, and it hasn't really warmed up. It is evening, and it is 34 degrees. Those pics I showed in my last post of the water in the creek, it has slowed down some. It left this, with hopes of spring...
This is on our point, (150 feet from the house) looking to my left, facing the lake, where the creek comes out. The ducks are loving it, and I had high hopes that soon, the ice would be off, but look farther, the bay is still closed.
This is looking to my right, it is only open 3 feet from the shore. Right there, were there is flowing water. Notice, the rest is still ICE. Probably not very thick, but not OPEN WATER. And then right in FRONT of the house...

Down on the shore, it has RE-frozen, it was at least open a LITTLE a couple of days ago. (That dark thing is the cover for the garden water pump...)
We still have snow in the yard...and I bet the ducks aren't liking it too much either.
O.k., I am done ranting. I just want to sit on the deck in the sun and start on outdoor chores! (Did I actually SAY that out loud??)

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