Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poop Bag Holder Tutorial

As promised, I did up a tutorial of how I made these bags. Pretty simple, but seems to have taken a long time! I was trying not to forget anything, and hope I didnt. Here we go. If anyone has any suggestions to improve these bags, or if I forgot anything, let me know. I would like to improve how I write these things out.
Supplies needed:

-Pre-quilted fabric-6"x12" and 3-1/2"x7"  (these are estimates, big enough for one bag) Scraps are great for this bag, maybe after making some other bag...
-Matching Fabric-for tab-2-1/2" x 4-1/2"
-Plastic bags-I got mine from the dollar store. They are the small 4 gallon bags. (You will have to make measurement adjustments for your size bags, if they are different.)
-Plastic strapping-or something to stiffen the ends. (I save all the good parts of the plastic strapping that packages are wrapped in. This bunch came from insulation, when I helped a friend insulate their garage! She thought I was crazy- THEN...!)
-Compass, or circle cutter-I used my circle cutter for the first time, but NOT the last!

For those who need to make theirs a different size, or want to know how to figure it out, hope this helps...if you are making the same size, you can skip this part!
Mine are 2-1/2" circles (finished). To find out how long your piece has to be, (sorry guys, this involves math...!) you take your circle (2.5) x 3.14 (Pi, remember that one??) and get 7.85, (.875 is 7/8", so I say-close enough!) I used 7-7/8". That, plus 1/2" turnover for each end-hem and sleeve for plastic (my strapping is 3/8", yours might be bigger, in which case add more)
plus, 1/2" overlap on circle. Makes 10"-again-close enough. I will make the overlap a bit bigger on my next batch, to make sure the bags don't fall out....they haven't been "field tested" yet!

  • Cut 1 pc.-5-3/4" x10"
  • Cut 2 circles-3" (adding in seam allowance of 1/4")
  • Cut 1 piece 2 1/2" x 4-1/2" (tab)
Fold tab piece in half, press. Open and fold both long edges in to center fold, press. Fold back in half, press, sew on both sides close to edge.

If you don't have a circle cutter, use a compass, and your old fashioned SCISSORS!

Cut 2 strapping pieces at 5". Trim ends so it slides in easier.

I serged all around my rectangle piece to help prevent fraying. You can zigzag also, but make sure either is less then 1/4", or it will show! Maybe some of you can adjust your sergers, I can't, so will just zz next time! (or maybe I can, and just don't KNOW it!) 

Hem ends at 1/2", leaving room for plastic strapping. Insert plastic. My plastic had a "curve" to it after being wrapped up. I inserted the curves so that when together, they pushed against each other. One was up, one down. I thought this would help hold the bag closed.

Mark bag at 7-7/8" on both sides.

Right sides together, overlap on each end to your mark, and tack down.
Fold sewn tab in 1/2 and tack on right side of bag. (Sorry for fuzzy pics.) 

Sew in end, RST, back tacking, taking 3-4 stitches at a time realigning circle so that it is aways at the edge. Not too much fudge room for a 2-1/2" circle. Do other end, and turn right side out. Add caribeener and bags and you are done!
And for those of us with lots of friends with dogs...
Mass produce!
I have a feeling I will be making more!


  1. this is great! However, since our dogs are small, I find that plastic food service gloves work wonders! I pick up the solids and then turn the glove inside out and done! but, these are really great and thanks for sharing the tute!
    xox - barb in tucson

  2. Wonderful tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are really cool! Thanks for stopping in over at my blog! I don't mind the grandpuppies....I have a golden retriever and a pekingese and want to be a part of Retriever Rescue when we move. I love dogs. I just would like some grandchildren, too! :) I know....I'm greedy! LOL

  4. We've had a school project like this when I was in high school. It' so easy to do because I can find all the materials at home. I asked my mom for an old fabric and used my dad's plastic strapping. Well, for those who don't have the supplies, they can just go to a hardware store and buy them. :)

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