Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some things that are "in process"

I have been trying to get some things up here that are in the works. Who knows when they will get done, but they are so close, (mostly just borders, or putting blocks together), that I really need to work on them. Now is the time. The sewing room is clean (close enough) the house is clean (*SO* close enough) the laundry is almost done, (like, if EVER) and so, I can crawl back into my hidey hole and get to it, right? I am SO on it! Well, Monday for sure. Don't usually get that stuff done on the weekends when Bill is home, and there is too much "outdoor fall stuff" to do. Bring in the boat and dock, mow the grass, pull up the garden pump and hoses, get the campers winterized (that was done today, I believe) but you get the picture. He usually does that, but I will help tomorrow. So, here they are:
I wanted to do a blue quilt, don't really know why, my favorite color is purple. But, I do like 2 color quilts, and I had a lot of blue fabric, so this is it. I have done up to the light blue border. One more dark, the pieced, and maybe another dark, not sure yet. Pieced borders are done, so I just have to figure out the size of the next blue border and let er rip. Pattern: Pineapple Blossom-Bonnie Hunter over at
This is a string quilt out of Bonnie Hunter's book Scraps and Shirttails, called Virginia Bound. I have to do 3 more rows. I am really going to love this one, and cant wait till it is done, but it is an "ongoing" one, as it takes a while to sew a lot of stings, even tho they are easy. And of course I have enough stings for about 10 of these! Good thing because I have a friend who wants to make one, so she gets all the rest of the strings!  

This is a QOV (Quilts of Valor) for our local chapter. It wouldn't take much to get this one done. I could do it in an afternoon, so this might be my first one to finish.
This one is my Morning Splash, by Judy Laquidara over at I will get her button on my blog, as soon as I can figure out HOW! It has a few more borders, one of them pieced, so it is a bit farther to the finish. I LOVE this quilt. Another one I really want to see done! She has a lot of great patterns (she is one of my favorite designers) and I suggest heading over there and checking her out if you haven't already. She has a lot of free patterns, and great recipes.

There are a few more (ha ha) things in the works. Another pinwheel string project, a trip around the world for Bill out of his Asian fabrics, and UFOs too old to mention. And, I have to start a Mariners Compass for my BIL and SIL, something I have never done before, so it will be a real challenge.
I will post as they are closer to getting done. And of course I have 5 quilts that have to go on the frame and be quilted.
This IS kind of like a diary. It will be interesting to see where things are at in a year or 2. I am looking forward to it, as I just came across a journal I "started" on one of our trips, but never finished. I used to do journals all the time on trips. You forget so many details. I wish I would have been one of those that used to keep diaries. I certainly forgot more of my life then I remember!


  1. Just came over here from Stashbuster's and enjoyed looking through your blog very much. These are going to be some great quilts.

  2. I should think more about my blog being a diary. Love your quilts especially the Virginia Bound.

  3. Saw your message on Stashbusters and popped over to see your piccies! You have some wonderful projects to be working on. Particularly like the Pineapple one and the pattern by Judy - stunning colours. Hope you get a finish soon :)

  4. Your blue quilt is wonderful!

  5. Where is the Morning Splash pattern? What book or is it online? I love it. I love Judy's patterns too. The quilts come together super quick!