Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home at Last

We got home last night, and it feels really good. Except for the part about all the laundry, cleaning and running errands. I hate running errands. So, I will post a few pics and then be on my way, to finish up at a later date. Somehow, I thought this blogging would be easier....
First, we were bad, and bought a new car while in Ill. It is a Nissan Altima, and it is Bill's, but he let me drive it the last 2 hours home, and it is really SWEET. And now I get to go drive the Corolla. Not that the Corolla isn't a good car, it is a trouper, and has been extremely reliable, but it is nothing special. It does gets good gas mileage. This is much more special. I love it. That was the big news, now, just "things".  
There are a ton of parks in the St. Charles area. It is awesome, most have paved trails. This one in the Fox River, has a windmill. This day, it was open and running (It was very breezy) and we got to go inside, where they have restored it and actually have things running. If anyone can get there, I recommend it, it was very interesting.
My turn to check put the inside of the windmill.

Here are some pics of the parks:

And this was one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. O.K., I am not a city girl, and so we do not have dog fountains in our area, or anywhere that I have been, so some of you are laughing right now. But, I thought it was a GREAT idea, and you push the button to fill the "dish", and on the other side is a button for "us". I didn't get a pic of the dogs drinking out of it, because THEY had never seen one before either, and were not too sure about it. We TOLD them to get a drink, so Spot got a "faux drink" which was so funny! She PRETENDED to drink, tongue lapping and all! Wish I would have gotten a picture of THAT! Or a video! And this one wasn't even at the dog park!
Here is the dog park:
Buster, checking out the neighbors.
They had a large area with agility things set up, an area for small dogs only, and one by the "lake" so they could swim. I didn't get great pictures of it tho. The dogs loved it. (This is the one by the lake, it is on the left. That is Willow in the foreground.)
I guess that is all for now. We never made it to the city, it was mostly too hot to leave the dogs in the car. It was a great dog friendly couple of weeks tho, they only had to spend SOME of the time hanging out in the motel room with me sewing all day. But when Billy came home from work, it was all PLAY. 

I will try to do some more updating later tonight, or tomorrow. I do love the fact that we are home and it it 54 degrees!! YIPPEE. I feel a hot sauna coming on......now, off to get insurance on the car, taxes, tabs. Bill is going to get his very own vanity plates, so we can BOTH remember what it is! 

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