Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Couple More Down the Hatch

I have been busy, mostly quilting. I finished a quilt for Ron, an uncle of a good friend, and our friend too. It was just fast, but he was whining about not having any quilts a few years ago, so Cindy made him one last year, and since I had all this fish fabric, I made him one also (he loves to fish). He will be up for deer hunting, so he will get it then. It has a flannel back.
I also got a baby quilt quilted. It was a fun one to quilt, as I used a new pattern by Dawn is great, and has great ideas. Highly recommend her DVDs. not only do I really like it, but it was FAST, and I am all about FAST. Get it done and MOVE ON! For the most part anyway...

I have another one on the rack that I hope to get done today, another possible baby one, and 3 or 4 more waiting in the wings. I hope to get them done soon as there are SO MANY projects I still want to do! I don't have any batting left tho, so I will have to wait for my next roll, so I don't have to go too fast.  I only have about another 20 UFO's to do, but have been getting them ready for quilt camp at the end of the month. Cant WAIT.
It is fall, and Cindy came over last week for the start of our annual weekly sewing days. It is usually on Thursdays, but it was just too nice out today, so it won't happen. Maybe next week. It is beautiful, 54 degrees, and sunny. windy, but not too bad. Maybe I will head out too....


  1. fabulous looks great, well done you!

  2. I too have used Dawns designs... Arent they great?? I really like doing her bumblebees???