Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As Promised....

Some quilt pictures.....ok, and more dog pictures....only because I found some on my card, which is unusual for me, since I am good about getting picture off the card and on my computer, and fixed up quickly...mostly. Guess I forgot some!

It feels so good to get things off the "To Do" list! First, I finished Caitlin's quilt, a pattern from Atkinson Designs (one of my fav designers...) done in Halloween fabrics, since her birthday is on Halloween and it is her favorite holiday! I was collecting the fabrics, since they were so CUTE, I don't "do" holidays, but I AM a collector of fabrics...(I probably showed this in a different post...)


And the back....I wanted to use up all the fabrics, since I won't be collecting more...I hope...I do love the way this turned out...
This pattern was great for these fabrics. I will make this pattern again for sure. It is a good one for doing focus fabrics....
...and matching pillowcase....(use it up!) Oh, and quilted with a spiderweb quilt design by North Country Quilts in Tower...Perfect!

Then, Jay (a friend who works with Bill) got a new truck, and needed a seat cover for the back seat, since he has Maverick. Since Mav is technically MY DOG (yes, Jay, get over it! He just happens to be LIVING with Jay...) and he should be riding in the front...I said I would make him one. Of course, if Mav doesn't get to sit in the front, then I should take it back! Kidding...maybe....well...

This too, is an Atkinson pattern called Minnesota Hot Dish. I wasn't real fond of how this turned out. It is with a set of Connecting Threads fabric, and I liked the fabric, but I like more contrast in the background. I am all about contrast...
So-dog quilt. Muslin back, binding is attached, just not finished. Then I need to cut holes for the seat belts, and add straps and buckles...

And last but not least....
This too, is an Atkinson pattern (I am sensing a theme here...) "Between Friends", out of the Happy Hour Book. I wanted to use my black and white fabrics. Of course THEIR quilt looks nicer then this, and I am not too thrilled with this at all. Again, not enough contrast for me with the strips to show off the green. Oh well. Dog quilt for the couch. Which is fine, since the one I have on there, is getting worn out. It is my very first quilt, hah-Atkinson pattern-Yellow Brick Road! Did I mention she is one of my favorite designers?! 
And now what everyone has been waiting for....drum roll....MORE dog pictures!
I think there was a "Billy spotting"....(taken through the fogged door...River, Mav, Willow...)
Yep, pretty sure....!
...and "The Man" has finally arrived! "ABOUT TIME! Took you ALL FRIGGIN' DAY!!!"
O.K., you can go now...



  1. Absolutely LOVE the quilts...gorgeous! You are one talented lady, for sure. God bless, hope you are enjoying the snow up in the North Country with the dogs.

    1. Thanks Karla! I am DONE enjoying the snow now. All i want to do now is go camping, and go hiking, biking, and doing WARM weather things. But, then the bugs come out and it gets TOO hot, and I get to stay indoors then too. I think I just need a holiday from the end of Jan. to say...April...Move through the country as temps allow...hmmm. sounds perfect!

  2. I just discovered your quilts and really like the Halloween one. also cute idea for the pillow case. What is are sizes of the large blocks and the small ones surrounding them? I.m thinking of a baby quilt but wonder about the finished size.
    Thanks and happy quilting,