Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Fun Filled Weekend!

I knew it has been a long time since I posted, but that is terrible!
There of course is a lot going on, but nothing has been very blog worthy...! Computer problems, busy days. Back and forth to Ash River and Ely.

This weekend we had Isaac, Andrea and the 6 munchkins (one missing, he went to grandma's instead..!) in Ely Friday, Sat. and Sunday. It was of course, a good time. Fishing, movies, shopping, fires, saunas, and of course swimming! Everyone was well behaved, even the parents! We were a bit worried about River, since she has never really been around "little people" much at all, and when she was, she was scared, but she did really well. She barked her fool head off at first, and ran and hid. She was pretty much over it when they left, but a "bit" sketchy. She wouldn't let the twins pet or hug her goodbye...but everyone else was ok...

A few stunts off the dock by Grant....
A bit cold for swimming this weekend! But only if you are over 25!
Emile with "one" of his fish. He SLAYED them! Too bad none were big enough to keep!

Jenna going for a swim with her friend...River...

River and Miko. They too had a great time all weekend...nothing but fun...
(For some reason, (don't get me started...!) some photos didn't want to load...)
I took the Divas shopping for a few hours on Saturday while "the boys" got the bonfire ready to light. We decided that we need to have a "country boot camp" with the girls (and Miko) for a week next year, where the girls are going to have to fish, (which means bait their own hooks, and remove their own fish), learn to mow grass, change a tire, run a boat motor, and hike at least 2 miles "in the wilderness",  and maybe a canoe trip, or for sure camping-in a TENT! We will turn them into COUNTRY DIVAS by the end! We are all looking forward to it! Then, the next year, it will be the BOYS turn, if they think they can out-country the GIRLS! Now...if we just had cows to milk.....
A great time was had by all this weekend, and I am always sad when it is over...even tho it is so quiet it almost hurts! Miss you guys!
And for the other things that have happened since March...!
...River has gone through her first class in training. She did well during class but didn't do so good on her "test". Oh well. I would have gone for the second class too, but traveling back and forth every week, was getting old.

...Bill's dad died in June, so we dealt with that for a few weeks, always things to keep you busy! His Mom is still at home in the house for now....

...I have just recently began sewing again, after all the hoopla from the summer. So, hopefully I will be able to post a few pictures of that soon...Man, it is almost October, and quilt retreat

Until later....time to start laundry!

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