Monday, March 25, 2013

King of the Hill

River LOVES snowbanks. Her favorite thing right now is to catch snowballs, snow chunks, ice chunks, whatever, she doesn't care...
She stands at the ready...

....and goes for it!

Nice half twist...I give her an 8.5....(a mom can't be TOO biased...)

Of course there is the easier-just catch it on the fly....
But the beauty of it all, is all the exercise she gets plowing through the snow, and I get to stand in the road!
I am not sure WHAT she will do when the banks are gone, it is her favorite place to go to the bathroom too, weirdo!
I really hope she likes the water, because swimming is great exercise too! ...And I can stand on the shore...(not that I don't need the exercise...BUT...)
She had her "surgery" last week, and it went well. No "Cone of Shame" for her. Although, she has to wait till next week before she continues her acrobatic lessons for the year (as the snow will probably be here till JUNE...)....She was groggy for the couple of days, but now, she is a dog that has been laying low for 4 days...and she is FULL of it! Of course, no jumping and no running, so she has to be on the leash for a couple more days. I know I ALREADY can't wait for her to be able to chase the snowballs again. She has energy to BURN...and the best part...she can't get PREGNANT! No more worries for mom...bring it on boys!
( I am hoping to get quilts pictures tomorrow for everyone who is sick of dog pictures! Oh well...that is my life...dogs and quilts....and if you expect much else, you don't know me very well!)

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