Friday, January 21, 2011

I HATE cooking...

Now, some will say that 'hate' is a strong word. And I agree. But sometimes, it is a necessary evil, and this is one of those cases...
When I cook, it is usually a disaster. Oh, I can do the basics, spaghetti, sloppy joes, hamburgers, mac and cheese (out of a box, of course!) but give me a recipe, and I am doomed. I happen to be very lucky, as my husband is a great cook, and LOVES it-AMEN-but he travels a lot, and I am left to fend for myself for weeks on end, and we are just not close to many restaurants...(dang) so, I have the standbys, the ones above and a few more...

One problem is, Bill IS a good cook, so I have been "weened" off of nasty food, and stuff out of a box, or frozen "prepared food", which is probably good, since most of it isn't very good for you. Now, my mother, god bless her, wasn't a very good cook either. She did a few things very well, bread, and meat pies just to name a couple. She was Canadian, and her pies were simple (or so I thought). So, stupid as I am, I decided to try and reproduce them. (Mom passed away 9 years ago, and I might have tried to make them since then, but I honestly can't remember...)
Now, when I cook, it makes me ANGRY because I am not good at it and NO, practice hasn't made it better.... I am very linear, especially with directions, cooking, sewing, putting things together, etc. I read a step, then do it, I do not READ AHEAD, and try to figure out what they are TRYING to tell you in the recipe or pattern. Anyway, when cooking I don't plan well either. I don't usually look at the recipe, and then make a plan to buy the ingredients for a future date, I try to do things with what I already have. Bad news for me. Works GREAT for Bill.
So, I can never find a recipe that has in it what I have in the cupboard, and I suck at substituting. Anyway, this is my attempt at meat pies.
Basically, it is pork, potatoes, allspice, salt pepper, and something that I missed, since it didn't taste "quite right". For one, I think I didn't have the right cut of meat, since they were a bit dry. #2, I think I had too many potatoes, I thought it
was 50/50, but apparently not. Of course there was no real recipe...
I did NOT make home made crusts, that would have made me suicidal/homicidal since I haven't been able to even POST about this for days, to let my anger that it has tho, I will have to try again, and hopefully get it right next time. Food is not like fabric, you cant rip it out and do it over, or just give it to someone who will love it even with all it's flaws. The only ones who get my food mistakes are the dogs and to keep up with my cooking, I would need a sled dog team!
Looks can be deceiving... they were not as good as they looked, or SMELLED, and they at least SMELLED right, so I guess I was on the right track!
And the BIGGEST reason I hate cooking.....? CLEAN UP. O.k., some of this stuff isn't about cooking, but most of it is. I also made cabbage rolls that were a bit of a flop too. How can you screw up cabbage rolls? Leave it to me....  


  1. I too hate to cook! Looks like you are far better than me if you can make crusts that look as good as that.

    I just buy frozen crusts and put one on top and let it settle in! I call it cheater's pie! My MIL loved it and now does it as well.

  2. Pretty funny!

    I used to hate to cook too - but was able to take some lessons at the adult education center and that got me going so I felt more comfortable with it.

    I've never had a meat pie - and only saw one on some Food Network show this past week. They look like they would be good to eat!

  3. I am crying because I am laughing so hard. With you, not at you. I can just hear you cursing your meat pies!

  4. You are an amazing woman. You made that big a mess and the outcome was less than great, but you keep trying. Some of us would just give up, but not you.
    Keep on trying and you get an A+ for appearance.