Friday, January 28, 2011

Ditty Bags

I made these out of a book, (Big Bags, Little Bags, by Atkinson Designs) but have made my own often. Only thing that they do different, is put the nice tabs at then end of the zipper. It makes it look more "finihsed" and holds the zipper together nicely. I think I need to add a carrying tab too...You can always make a better mouse trap...

Cindy finished her Bargello Placemats, and they turned out really nice too. The pic is a bit off color (the brown is more brown, not so red, orange is more rust), they are nicer then they look. The person she made them for has brown and teal Fiestaware dishes. Add this to my list, as now we both want to make some for ourselves!
I have about 6 or 7 things to get quilted up, including more bag fabric, so I can make some more for Bill. Everything has to have one, GPS, Camera, etc, with all their cords in one place. Well, that's the way I like it!
Maybe I will have more to post next week. We have company this weekend, so it will be busy.

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