Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cathy's visit.

Bill's sister Cathy was visiting from Washington to help with family things, but she did find some time to sew. We never have enough time. Too many projects. We managed to make a BUNCH of leaches and collars for her dogs (3) and like me, she wanted some in the cars, in the motor home and at home. And extra collars are good to have. Then, she worked on her quilt. It was her 4th so far, and she is getting better. She learned fusible applique this time.
(Please ignore the mess in the sewing room. I am working on it, it drives me nuts, but too many projects going on at one time will do that to you!)

I haven't done too much fusible applique either, so we learned it, only had to do it "once", since she is a stickler for detail, and I always miss SOMETHING. I think we make a good team...

(Why this turns sideways, I don't GET!)
We also made hand towels. She found one her mom made eons ago, and we kiped it and took it apart for the pattern-naughty girls! But in our defense, it WAS old... I made up a tutorial for her, in a PDF file, and (naturally) don't know how to add it to the website yet, so will have to work on that too...dang blog...has to be EASY, right?
We had plans (always) to make a few other things too, but ran out of time. Hopefully, by the next time she comes, the sewing room will be CLEANER, and more functional. But, I am sure we will come up with more projects to do....!

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