Monday, August 2, 2010

My First "Real" post....

Last night, the water pump kicked on and wouldnt shut off. O.k., so look for the leak. No leak. Bummer, that would have been EASY to fix! We waited till morning to be able to get parts, and this morning (6:30) Bill had to go to town, get parts and go for an early swim! It was one day that was NOT hot and sunny! Great! Dont get me wrong, it COULD be happening in Oct. or Jan. and it would be worse, by far. He put a new part at the end of the hose, didnt work, ran to town, got another piece, now he cant get it primed. He believes there is a leak in the intake hose. The 75' BURIED hose. DAMN. He had to fly off to Chicago today (now) and will get back on Thursday, and so, I will be hauling water from the lake, bathing in the lake, and opps-no laundry tho-, or, maybe I will just go stay in a motel, or take the "other" camper to a campground for a few days, we will see. Right now, I am going back to BED, as 6:30am is just WRONG. I am getting sick of "adventures" for one summer....


  1. Hopefully, this is one of those days that gets better. I'd vote for going camping, or maybe the motel.

  2. Sorry to hear of your woes... take fabric and machine and etc and go have a quilt-away...
    I now am following you on you blog, but don't worry I'm slow so I will never catch you LOL '

  3. Hi, I'm a new blogger too so welcome. It's more fun than I thought. I'm following you, too. check mine out

  4. It's always something!! I vote for the motel too and taking your sewing with you. Good luck to you.

    Vancouver Island, BC

  5. I have only had to haul 2 buckets of water so far, and all the dishes are done! Much rather have the water not working then the plumbing (septic or clogs!)
    Thanks guys. Knowing the motel it there is nice, but with 3 dogs, not always so easy...

  6. So you are having fun without us. We never did get our hot water to work. Tried it a few times on the way home. The pilot won't light. But I do have running water..... and now I am home to hot water. Cathy