Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can you ever take enough puppy pictures?

River is taking up most of my time. I (unfortunately) am getting a few things done, like laundry and dishes, usually when she is SLEEPING. Now I know why I was never a mom. I couldn't do this for YEARS, until the kids were able to do it themselves! Puppies are just easier...

Yesterday I had to take the old dog into the vet. She has an infection, and has been feeling icky. You know, you can always just "tell". She got a penicillin shot, and is feeling so much better, thank goodness, since it is bad enough that she is OLD and arthritic, one shouldn't have to be sick too.

As long as I was in there, I asked if they could do a microchip for the baby. Sure, no problem. I can't believe the size of those needles! Well, yes, I CAN, since you have to put this huge thing under their skin...but YUCK. But to her credit, she had a treat she was working on, and she never even FLINCHED. How could that not HURT? She was a trooper.

River loves her big sister Willow, and doesn't understand why she doesn't want to play with her! It is actually kind of sad. But the old dogs mostly hate her, unless she is sleeping! I think they have figured out she is here to stay. This was on her second walk in Ash River. It is a great time of year, no people, no cars, and the dogs can be off leash. Well, for a little bit anyway. River will have to be leashed soon. I tried it on this trip and stopped to talk to a guy coming in from hunting. I took my eyes off her for less then a MINUTE, and she chewed through the leash. It was one of those retractable ones, and can easily be fixed, but maybe with a CABLE! You tend to forget about EVERYTHING puppies can destroy! (Notice the color difference. Willow has the reds in her fur, and River is brown. Almost all of the dogs on her dad's side were chocolate, her mom is red, more red then yellow-genetics are always interesting...)
Poor Buster. She terrorizes him, then tries to cuddle with him. You can just see how uncomfortable he is...has that "why me?" look on his face!
And of course the sleeping pictures are the easiest to take and are some of the cutest. What is cuter then a puppy at REST...?
...a puppy having yogurt for breakfast? Notice the "crazy eyes"....she loves food already (from the first day, so no one can tell me it is NURTURE. She was a beggar from the START!) and she was CHEWING on the spoon. Somewhere I heard that if you can get a dog to put metal in their mouth, you can teach them to retrieve anything. (if they are retrievers, of course..) This should be interesting trying to teach her. Krickett did it, but she was a pleaser. I have a feeling if River doesn't WANT to retrieve, she just won't. She is not one that likes to please-so far...she is totally independent...I am thinking she will be a handful....
Oh, and on the potty training front-not quite yet. She knows how to ask when she wants to go to BED, she either wants me to join her, or she wants to be lifted on the couch or bed. But she hasn't figured out how to ask to go to the bathroom! Or doesn't CARE. I guess I need to make her care...soon....
That is all the puppy news for now...I am sure there will be more to come! Bill is heading off to the parent's for TG. I am having pizza with the puppy. Well, SHE won't get any...I might take the crew and go to town for TG shopping-6-9. not much shopping, but LOTS of visiting! That's what it is about in a small town! Good socializing for the baby...


  1. She's beautiful. Their body grows up so fast, but they stay a puppy at heart for years. Gotta love those labs!

  2. Hi Deb, Glad to hear your enjoying your new puppy! She is adorable.
    Lisa J