Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy, but not too exciting....

Wow. July was the last post. Crazy. We have been busy, but not doing too much fun stuff. I am continuously quilting, and actually getting things done. I finished a quilt for Jenna, my nephew's step daughter. When she was here last summer, she picked out her own fabrics. It is now ready to be shipped. The photo is on my ipad, and I haven't moved it yet. So not like me. But I finished quilting this one, a Scrappy Toes, and hers looks the same, just with more brights, and a pink and green border...I am now officially tired of this pattern, and hope I don't have to make another for a LONG time...
I did finish my Weed Whacker, by Bonnie Hunter. It is a free pattern. I made mine a large queen...I have only been working on it for about 4 years! But I love those homespuns... I sent it out to be quilted, so it will be fun to have a new quilt on the bed! Or at least ONE of our beds!
I also have about 4 more queen quilts to quilt and get on the bed, or at least in the closet so I can have more choices! I have a Bonnie Hunter, Pineapple Blossom in blue, and a tumbler, my Ancient History, and one more I cant think of now. Most have been in earlier posts.
We did get to do some fun things a couple of weeks ago. We went to Sheboygan Wisc. and went to the Kohler Art Museum. It was fun, and they had a showing that was titled-get this- on MEMORY!! We had to laugh, how appropriate (both Bill's parents have Alzheimer's) It was a very good show. Of course they wouldn't let us take any pics, but the bathrooms were fun!
We also went up to Extrutec, in Manitowoc, WI. and got to see how they are making the extrusions for the new experiment. That was really interesting. But that is for tomorrow, along with the Mariner's museum there, which has a submarine you can tour...again, cool stuff. hope I can get back to this before MONTHS pass again!

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  1. That's gotta be the cutest bathroom ever -- love the panties in the sink!