Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feb. Challenge top done

One more thing out of my hair. I thought it would be easy, since all I had were borders to do, but the borders took longer then the center! I mitered everything since I thought trying to put on all those small borders by themselves would be a disaster. It was a very good use of this set of fabrics, as I have NOTHING LEFT-yeah! and it is a queen quilt. I will put it away until I get a few other things done and started, and of course it needs a back, which I have no idea what to use yet. The binding will be red. The pattern was free from Andover Fabrics called Ancient History. The blocks are 15", that is why there are not very many, but good for showing off fabrics. Naturally I changed things up a bit, and made mistakes that had to be 'corrected', but I am glad it is done. I haven't decided if I will send it out to be quilted, or try it myself. It is pretty big, and I think I want something different besides stippling or leaves. I am limited with my frame and machine with a 9" throat.
On to the next.....


  1. very pretty. Nice quilt for spring. I love the colors and the borders are just wonderful.

  2. I think this quilt is very perfect for spring. I love the fabrics that you used in making this beautiful quilt. You absolutely did a remarkable job. By the way, sorry about the loss of your dog. All the best to you!