Monday, December 6, 2010

Long Time-again...

I really don't know why it always takes me so long to get back here. It is not like I haven't been busy. I have spent many hours in the sewing room in the last few weeks. (Bill can attest to that, and WILL...) I have cut up 4 new projects, made a list of all of my UFO's (27, including the 4 I just cut up, since they WILL be UFO's in a few weeks...) trying to purge scraps and make things more "travel friendly" so I have projects to just grab and go, and just the piecing part. Dealing with cutting and borders is too much in motels and on the road.
I have played with some leather, (I LOVE working with leather) and made a couple of snap bags for my phone. This one is a bit large to make sure the "snap" worked easily and to fit my ear buds in the bottom. Might play with this idea a bit after the holidays.
I didn't want my phone to get all "linty" so I lined it with some tie fabric. Used heat and bond to fuse it to the inside of the leather. Days later, I went and washed my wallet which holds all my credit cards. It was in my pants pocket-oops! So, it must have been a time for a new one of those too!

I put a tie lining in this too. I like this, and it looks a lot more "finished". Found a new use for all those ties! (The pictures are going in sideways-not my fault!)
So, I have been busy. Haven't been getting in too much sewing. I have been working on this project-Rhubarb Twist, out of Fons and Porter Mag. M/J 2006 so I guess that means that is when I started it. Not my oldest UFO, but getting there. They are 8 inch blocks.

I cut up the parts for that too, and decided (when I started) that it was going to be queen size. But, ran out of yellow fabric, naturally. Found something else that will work for those alternate blocks, and shouldn't look like I didn't "plan" it that way! It has 72 blocks, but after trying to make everything "work", I will put it back in the box for now. I cut batting and put together backs for a few other quilt tops, and now hopefully in a couple of days, I will be back to show pictures of that. I am excited to have a new quilt for the bed!
Oh, one more thing. I looked out the window today, and found a present left for me at the bird feeder, probably last night.
And funny enough, just this second, that BIG boy was stealing more bird feed, I went the window, and he didn't even CARE. But the dogs heard him too, so they went out back in the kennel. Bet he's gone now! Maybe he will drop the other one! 


  1. Why can't I find anything that neat in my backyard? I've got the deer, they just don't leave anything behind.

    Love your leather snap bag!

  2. This is the first time they ahve left anything, and we feed every year.He was around today and still had the other one, so hopefully he will be down close and we can find it before the squirrels and mice get to it...