Monday, November 8, 2010

Been A While...

It is always busy here, and Bill is here, then I am gone, Bill is gone, I am here...on and on this year so far. So, for an update on the quilts.
Halloween weekend was our quilt retreat. It was fun, as retreats always are! Here are some shots:

This was the sewing area....on the other end of the building is a room almost this big for the dining room, with the kitchen and bathrooms in between. I WANT this building! I could LIVE here. The other end could be made into a bedroom/dining room, and Bill could have a big industrial kitchen! And of course, this would really be MY sewing room! Well, one can DREAM....
We (I didn't) did the "10 Minute Table Runners". Cute and easy, but I don't do table runners at my house. Flat surfaces are always covered in "stuff".

They did a Mini-mystery. I didn't do that either. I have so much to do, I usually don't do the "extras". But, I did make a Mojo Doll. They were fun.
It was supposed to reflect our personalities. They were crazy, and I believe they DID!

Mojo Deb. Dark skin, you ask?? Being day-glow all of my life, I wish my skin was darker. And, I only had some brown fabric. Works for me.

All the girls together....

I don't remember what was in them (vodka?) but they were yummy. and not too strong (thank you Michelle) or I would have been done for the night.

And of course there was show and tell, and great food, and we will do it again next year. Now onto the rest of the holidays...yuck. I bet I would like the holidays if I could wrap them all around a RETREAT! This might be a new tradition for ME.