Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crumb Diamonds and a QOV

I finished my UFO, the crumb quilt, leftovers from paper piecing the crossed canoes on my header. There was just too much to throw away. I don't remember where the pattern came from, but it was interesting to do, sewing the diamonds, that is. I did it on telephone book paper. It is 45x50, I believe.
I was just going to stipple it and get it done, but I figure I always need practice on feathers (and still do!) and doing some "spacial" things (and still do!). I did some ferns in the blocks, since I know I can do those, and the WHOLE thing wouldn't be so "frustrating". So, just ignore the ugly feathers, and chock it up to PRACTICE, that's what I am doing!
I also finished a Quilts of Valor top. Now I just have to wait till I get some batting to finish it. It will have red binding. Maybe next month it can be in the budget. I am working on more and more stuff, and it sure feels good to get it out of my hair. I don't know how long the diamonds have been sitting around, but it was the usual, lose the template, don't know what book it came out of, discover it years later while cleaning, etc. That usually doesn't happen to me, so it was extremely frustrating every time I came across that UFO. 
Well, heading off to St. Cloud again on Thursday, need to figure out what to bring and pack. I get to take the new car-yippee! LOVE that car, but since Bill is driving it all the time, I don't get to very often!


  1. The quilting is great on your diamond crumb quilt and what an interesting arrangement. Good job!
    Your QOV block is one of my favorite for using up bits and pieces.
    You certainly have a great eye for using up scraps...atta girl! Liz in Houston

  2. Both of those quilts are beautiful. I really like your Quilt of Valor!

  3. Love the Quilt of Valour. I am piecing quilt tops for the Canadian Quilts of Valour group.
    Can you share the pattern, please?